Sturle Dagsland, Galleria 3H+k 15.4.2014

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Sturle Dagsland, Galleria 3H+k 15.4.2014

ViestiKirjoittaja Galleria3h+k päivämäärä Pe Huhti 11, 2014 12:15

Norjalainen kokeellisen folkin sanansaattaja Sturle Dagsland saapuu kiertueellaan Suomeen! Yhtyeen historian ensimmäinen esiintyminen Porissa nähdään Galleria 3H+K:ssa tiistaina 15.4.2014. klo. 21.00. Tervetuloa!

Vapaa pääsy.

"I dont know how many years Ive dreamt to see raging madness in its purest form on the stage, something like GG Allin, Costes, Rockbitch, or Satan Panonskis psychodramas. On the other hand I never though that I would receive it from someone walking on the stage barefoot, wearing wet pants, hungrily devouring kiwis." - /, 2013

"This 3 piece group from Norway play a huge variety of instruments blending into one of the most unique sound ive heard this year.... The resulting sound and sound effects would be brilliant as an accompanying soundtrack to an art house film, pushing the boundaries of rhythm and style", London 2012

"The spectacularly unhinged Wardenclyffe Aquarium - sounds the scoring of an irrevocable mental breakdown. Beautiful as it is discombulating, crime thriller squeals meet with martial rattles, bursts of carnivalesque fanfare and ephemeral moments of acoustically affected respite to make for the wildest few minutes of this, or indeed any week. For you'll hear nothing quite like it all year" - Dots & Dashes, 2013

"A stunned audience witnessed Sturle Dagsland performing his experimental folk music. While one of them was lying on the floor processing the most remarkable soundscapes, the other strangled himself to create what we would define as singing to a whole new level", Demobanken, Malmo 2013

"It's rare to find a song that sounds so different, so unusual and so appealing all at once. It occurred to me at one point that this might be what poking your head into an alien nightclub sounds like." -, 2013

"Sturle Dagsland consists of Sturle Dagsland and his brother Sjur. In 2012 they were awarded \"Emerging artist 2012\" in Copenhagen. In live situations they alternate at playing on an array of instruments including spacedrum, waterphone, clarinet, trumpet, accordion, sheng, harp, electronics, guitars, vocals and all sorts of homemade instruments. In 2013 they have played at festivals in Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark, Finland, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, ++ At festivals like Deezer Monkeyweek, Live Session Day, Fiestas del Pilar, "Tarp - The only festival for experimental and audiovisual poetry in lithuania", Open Air Barcelona, etc.”

Galleria 3H+k
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